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Let’s say you are looking for a new job. You have a resume that you need to update after many jobs you have worked and done. Imagine a system where you can get consultancy from experts who have worked in the companies you will apply for a job, who have provided human resources services in the fields you want to work in, or who have worked as a talent hunter in many companies…

Let us introduce you to Asortive to help you achieve the job of your dreams. 🙂

Prepare for your next job interview with Asortive 😉

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Petibom | Blog

Petibom is a platform where animal lovers can easily access all the content they are looking for, and where many people, from expert consultants on pet care to veterinarians who provide 24/7 support, create content for their readers.

You can see that all information about cat and dog breeds is examined in detail. With a special filtering structure, Petibom, the pet platform with Turkey’s largest archive in fields such as health, care, nutrition and education, is coded in a way that you can find more easily in search engines such as Google.

Petibom Blog, while coding the WordPress-based blog site created for the health and care of your pets, serving under the control of veterinarians, we also had the opportunity to learn a lot about our cute animal friends. 🙂

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For many years, as Kasaba Works, we have been providing support to sites with WordPress infrastructure. During this process, we met many brands that originally needed mobile applications. We created Wport, a system for them to customize for themselves.

Wport offers mobile app templates that you can customize with a specially written WordPress plugin. With Flutter, it creates mobile applications built on native structuring, almost all of which can be edited via the WordPress Plugin.

If you want to convert your WordPress sites into Mobile Application, Wport is for you 😉

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